CHOI YOOJUNG | 'my future' Performance Video

'my future - Billie Eilish'
With Jemma Lee
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  1. Lyric Lemon

    Lyric Lemon3 dagen geleden

    I’ve never said “omg this is so clean” and “she is so freaking good” so many times in my life

  2. valentina

    valentina4 dagen geleden

    how talented you are??? im specheless

  3. valentina

    valentina4 dagen geleden

    so cool!

  4. Raziel Monsalvo

    Raziel Monsalvo10 dagen geleden

    She's just so perfect, so talented. ❤️

  5. jamless jimin

    jamless jimin19 dagen geleden


  6. jamless jimin

    jamless jimin19 dagen geleden


  7. jamless jimin

    jamless jimin19 dagen geleden


  8. jamless jimin

    jamless jimin19 dagen geleden


  9. Giulia Guimarães

    Giulia Guimarães29 dagen geleden

    Billie Eilish+Weki Meki=Perfect

  10. czEnnIE this is for you!

    czEnnIE this is for you!Maand geleden

    I rooted for her in 101, she was my bias in I.O.I and I'm very sorry for Wekimeki but I just really love her. I rarely stan GG's so I didn't know about this but dang my girl needs recognition. She is an ace for gosh sake!

  11. O E C

    O E CMaand geleden

    Mucho arte

  12. Dương Nè

    Dương NèMaand geleden

    what the kind of this dance?

  13. Esma Deliktaş

    Esma DeliktaşMaand geleden


  14. maria victoria aguilar alvarez

    maria victoria aguilar alvarezMaand geleden

    We need to see Yoojung more in the spotlight just like the other girls, they need promotion as they are so talented. we love and support you

  15. Safira Khairunnisa

    Safira KhairunnisaMaand geleden


  16. kqyla

    kqylaMaand geleden

    I keep coming back to this video.. at this point I’m not even mad it has 40k views, I just feel bad for the ppl who haven’t seen it

  17. O E C

    O E CMaand geleden

    Yoojung una de las idols más completas 😌

  18. kqyla

    kqylaMaand geleden

    the way this only has 40k views... it's evil

  19. ITz ME JR

    ITz ME JRMaand geleden


  20. Melisa Kpop

    Melisa KpopMaand geleden

    Dance-rap-vocal all in 1. such a well rounder!

  21. ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ위키미키마우스ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ위키미키마우스ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ2 maanden geleden


  22. jdj10078

    jdj100782 maanden geleden

    omg Yoojung...........i like to watch her dance with boy groups. she stays right with them...she is so goooooo0d

  23. yas

    yas2 maanden geleden

    yoojung is a complete artist

  24. O E C

    O E C2 maanden geleden

    El azul y el naranja son colores opuestos por cierto xd

  25. Ngô Thanh Huyền

    Ngô Thanh Huyền2 maanden geleden

    I love choi yoojung ❤️

  26. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    La amo demasiado

  27. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Hermosa !

  28. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Si a todo

  29. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Yoojung Pisame la cara por fa mi vida

  30. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Todo lo que hace yoojung es simplemente bello

  31. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Mi niña linda :(

  32. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Yoojung best dancer

  33. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Ya pero esto es ARTE

  34. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Tenemos que llegar a los 50K ki-ling !

  35. duncan sour candy

    duncan sour candy2 maanden geleden

    yoojung looks like she’s having such a fun time i love this sm🥺

  36. Britney

    Britney2 maanden geleden

    lovee youu yoojung ❤️

  37. jamless jimin

    jamless jimin2 maanden geleden


  38. Kiling Weme

    Kiling Weme2 maanden geleden

    Yoojung t amo

  39. 신미현

    신미현2 maanden geleden


  40. 눈

    2 maanden geleden

    Her body control is something else

  41. Tri Indah Sari

    Tri Indah Sari2 maanden geleden

    I hope yoojung can solo debut...

  42. yeljowmood

    yeljowmood2 maanden geleden

    She’s so goooood

  43. 에니에니

    에니에니2 maanden geleden

    I love her:^)

  44. okta fina

    okta fina2 maanden geleden

    So cool....


    NOBODY DESERVES HATE2 maanden geleden

    Choi Yoojung-ssi, one of the best dancers ❤❤. Criminally underrated and underappreciated. Ddit: i forgot to mentioned that i cried watching this. It's just so beautiful.

  46. Helloitsme

    Helloitsme2 maanden geleden

    this is the most healing content. yoojung is so talented!

  47. Oshmi MiKi

    Oshmi MiKi2 maanden geleden

    La ameee!!, es una reina del baile, deberia hacer muchoS mas performance ...Stan WEKI MEKI

  48. gauche

    gauche2 maanden geleden


  49. geekdiggy

    geekdiggy2 maanden geleden

    billie eilish really does not want you to hear or understand what she's saying. she's the pop vocal equivalent to mumble rap. i like yoojung though.


    BLACKPURPLE 1012 maanden geleden


  51. Nhi Phan

    Nhi Phan2 maanden geleden

    Very cute and a sweet voice

  52. Eri_with_luv

    Eri_with_luv2 maanden geleden

    I'm in love with her... Yoojung

  53. NÀNG THƠ

    NÀNG THƠ2 maanden geleden

    So great yoojung hope everyone will know more about yoojung

  54. OPUS official

    OPUS official2 maanden geleden

    Keren banget...

  55. Kiara Evangelista

    Kiara Evangelista2 maanden geleden

    @Billie Eilish MUST watch!!!!

  56. Tusha is Life

    Tusha is Life2 maanden geleden

    Weki Meki love you

  57. Helena Kurniawati

    Helena Kurniawati2 maanden geleden

    Please Hit the Stage recruit her 😭😭😭 everyone need to realize she is top tier dancer😭😭😭 she is so underrated

  58. Kyra Ki Ling

    Kyra Ki Ling2 maanden geleden

    Choi Yujung is talented girl💜

  59. cu phanvan

    cu phanvan2 maanden geleden

    My love Choi Yoojung

  60. rei jung

    rei jung2 maanden geleden

    You are perfect yoojung

  61. C UglyBoy

    C UglyBoy2 maanden geleden

    Amazing! That’s it!! Just simply amazing! Love it! Might have to change my bias, now!

  62. Susany C

    Susany C2 maanden geleden

    She's really good, very talented

  63. ddaengmobi

    ddaengmobi2 maanden geleden

    You're really amazing!!!

  64. isa

    isa2 maanden geleden


  65. O E C

    O E C2 maanden geleden

    Cada escena es tan disfrutable 💖💖


    DPM6A MUHAMMAD HAZIZI2 maanden geleden

    Billie yoojung omgg

  67. O E C

    O E C2 maanden geleden

    Fantagio también necesito una canción de Rina y Sei 😭 valora sus voces porfa

  68. L OH

    L OH2 maanden geleden


  69. Brum Brum

    Brum Brum2 maanden geleden

    Love this

  70. IW-31.

    IW-31.2 maanden geleden

    Wow :0

  71. Elaine Nguyen

    Elaine Nguyen2 maanden geleden

    simply stunning. she's so well rounded and talented in every area, but dance is where she especially shines

  72. elfybug

    elfybug2 maanden geleden

    so beautiful :,)

  73. AROHA00

    AROHA002 maanden geleden


  74. Nita Febriana P

    Nita Febriana P2 maanden geleden


  75. KittyPhom GMS

    KittyPhom GMS2 maanden geleden


  76. Mariana Moreno

    Mariana Moreno2 maanden geleden

    ur the most talented and prettiest girl ever:( u r just like the sun, i live 4 you and ilysm, i’m proud of u 💘

  77. Marsya Anna Januar

    Marsya Anna Januar2 maanden geleden

    너무 좋아요😍

  78. Katherine Catalina Brito Godoy

    Katherine Catalina Brito Godoy2 maanden geleden

    Yoojung BEST DANCER✨💛

  79. Trisha Khaye Basilio

    Trisha Khaye Basilio2 maanden geleden

    Replay button - 1:38 🌻🖤

  80. Analía Godoy

    Analía Godoy2 maanden geleden

    Tan talentosa y hermosa

  81. wildcard.edits

    wildcard.edits2 maanden geleden

    the set design and lighting is beautiful, great job!!!

  82. wildcard.edits

    wildcard.edits2 maanden geleden

    yoojung best girl!! this is a masterpiece

  83. Li Xiu

    Li Xiu2 maanden geleden


  84. MsKilala

    MsKilala2 maanden geleden

    She is amazing

  85. Cntrldfision

    Cntrldfision2 maanden geleden

    the complete all rounder Choi Yoojung

  86. orellana jara

    orellana jara2 maanden geleden

    La reina de 101 la reina de IOI LA REINA DE weme

  87. Jasmine Zhu

    Jasmine Zhu2 maanden geleden

    Yoojung baby is so talented and so underrated!

  88. Heize stan

    Heize stan2 maanden geleden


  89. grace

    grace2 maanden geleden

    No way was she able to make me tear up... love you Yoojung

  90. Anais Mnzn

    Anais Mnzn2 maanden geleden

    Wow !!!!

  91. Little JokerAnime

    Little JokerAnime2 maanden geleden

    I hope billie sees thos D:

  92. Eman Eman

    Eman Eman2 maanden geleden

    (; me 600

  93. Javi R

    Javi R2 maanden geleden

    Esta chica es absolutamente increíble

  94. Karen sofia Quinto cuesta

    Karen sofia Quinto cuesta2 maanden geleden


  95. O E C

    O E C2 maanden geleden

    Fatagio, necesito un performance de Lua también

  96. Opinionated Matt

    Opinionated Matt2 maanden geleden

    Of course the dance performance is really good but to be honest the most interesting thing about this video is that it's more than the sum of its part. Set design, choreo, color grading and concept are all really well done in my opinion and as such more than being cool they help telling a story. I'm not sure but given the chosen song it might be expressing a sense of anxiety about the future and feeling stuck in uncertainty to the point of being tormented by wandering thoughts that have no answer and no purpose just to finally come to the realization about the greater picture and achieving a sense of peace. I might be completely wrong tho.

  97. Kar Muji

    Kar Muji2 maanden geleden

    Cakep tarian dan musik masuk 😍😍😍😆😆😆🖤💋🖤👍👍👍✊✌🙏

  98. Kiling of WEME

    Kiling of WEME2 maanden geleden

    Choi Yoojung is the BEST! I'm proud of you >3

  99. 14 09 2017 2017

    14 09 2017 20172 maanden geleden

    Choi Yoojung Best Girl

  100. kania azzahra

    kania azzahra2 maanden geleden