[KiKi-LOG] SEI's VLOG 'Self SEI-Log Pt. 2’

드디어 키링들에게 약속했던
세이의 두 번째 브이로그!!
준비하면서 정말 우여곡절이 많았는데요….. 키링과의 약속을 꼭 지키고 싶어서 포기하지 않고 야금야금 했더니 그래도 이렇게 끝을 보았네요!!🤣 기다려줘서 고마워요 키링들!!
제 영상을 보시고 조금이라도 간접 여행하는 기분을 느끼셨으면 좋겠습니다!
서툰 부분도 많겠지만 재미있게 봐주세요♡
우리 모두 건강한 연휴 보내요~
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  1. Veera Sonninen

    Veera Sonninen6 dagen geleden

    sei you are a goddess

  2. 곰팡이

    곰팡이13 dagen geleden

    우리애들도 브이로그 올려줘요....판뮤^^


    JENNİENİN DONDURMASI18 dagen geleden

    채가 먀기갸

  4. Ramadika619

    Ramadika61923 dagen geleden


  5. Maurice

    Maurice25 dagen geleden

    I just love these logs by Weki Meki and this imo was the best

  6. Sabira Nk

    Sabira Nk25 dagen geleden

    Your soo cute...🥰🥰 LUB uh💞🥰

  7. asdpuff

    asdpuffMaand geleden

    weki meki eating churrasco is the closest they've been to brazil

  8. Alahna Whitner

    Alahna WhitnerMaand geleden

    She reminds of Ryu Sera from 9muses.

  9. ୧ Kiki୨

    ୧ Kiki୨Maand geleden

    estoy llorando? si. estoy llorando

  10. charrie g

    charrie gMaand geleden

    omg not sei underage drinking lol

  11. rilakkuma kaoru

    rilakkuma kaoruMaand geleden

    So this is the girl that similar with haruto of treasure?😂

  12. O E C

    O E CMaand geleden


  13. O E C

    O E CMaand geleden

    Por que es tan relajante? 😭

  14. Andrew Rose

    Andrew RoseMaand geleden

    It is so funny seeing all these vlogs. A friend sent me this and I went to see Weki Meki here in Lewisville when they were here in this video and now in the vlog I recognize all these places. I live so close to all these places they visited lol.. Now I will just be reminded of Weki Meki every time I pass these places now 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Elly Meki

    Elly MekiMaand geleden

    Confirmemos que la sonrisita de sei es lo Más bonito del mundo 💖

  16. Elly Meki

    Elly MekiMaand geleden

    Nmms sei sos muy linda

  17. Astronaud

    Astronaud2 maanden geleden

    I have a interesting Business Inquiry for you, how can I contact you?

  18. Siro Dari Kampung

    Siro Dari Kampung2 maanden geleden

    Sei Always looks beautiful

  19. Bobby Phannolath

    Bobby Phannolath2 maanden geleden

    Great Vlog! I hope they get to come back to the States.

  20. a !

    a !2 maanden geleden

    sei my beloved

  21. x c

    x c2 maanden geleden

    Them having fun fills me with so much joy ! Such cuties

  22. 세은

    세은2 maanden geleden

    언니 다만세 보고왔어요 넘 좋다...

  23. klaudia

    klaudia2 maanden geleden

    baby seojeongie

  24. wfk jiho

    wfk jiho2 maanden geleden

    anyways weme strolling around pre-covid era is my way of destressing

  25. wfk jiho

    wfk jiho2 maanden geleden

    wait I just realized something, Sei was born in 2000 and this video was shot in 2019 so she was around 19 (or 20 in kr age) back then which means she wasn't legal yet to drink in the states although she was legal in kr lol could've gone bad if they were caught

  26. Nabil Hanaf

    Nabil HanafDag geleden

    damn sei be drinking illegally :)

  27. charrie g

    charrie gMaand geleden

    i just though of that lol

  28. thatissodawn

    thatissodawn2 maanden geleden

    thank you for the english subtitles ❤️ it looked like you had a good and fun time and ate really well! you’re so cute. thank you sei 💕

  29. kimberly

    kimberly2 maanden geleden

    yay subs! (:

  30. くろばんKuro

    くろばんKuro2 maanden geleden



    OMEGA GAMING2 maanden geleden

    Love from india

  32. stolenheartxx

    stolenheartxx2 maanden geleden


  33. Πims

    Πims2 maanden geleden

    I really like sei's vlogs ^^

  34. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    Yay there is English subs now :)

  35. John Derick Manalo

    John Derick Manalo2 maanden geleden

    top sei log

  36. geekdiggy

    geekdiggy2 maanden geleden

    they ate very well in texas. it was basically a food trip interrupted by some performing. that's the good life right there.

  37. 이서준

    이서준2 maanden geleden

    진심 짜증나네 예쁘거나 귀엽거나 둘중 하나만 하라고

  38. Coffee drinker

    Coffee drinker2 maanden geleden

    Omoooo ouri mochi cutie little pie I can'ttttt stop rewatching

  39. 킁가킁가

    킁가킁가2 maanden geleden

    👏21년 코로나 사라지고 모두 행복 대박 가즈아~ 🖐  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ *coupa.ng/bRB8Wf** [애플 에어팟 프로] 형들 누나 다들 가지고 있지? 지금 할인하니까 보고 남친선물 여친선물 가족선물 해봐* 하가나다라마바사아자차카타파하가나다라마바사아자차카타파하가나다라마바사아자차카타파하가나다라마바사아자차카타파하 제휴 마케팅 일환으로 수수료를 지급받을 수 있습니다.opeㅐn.kakaocom/o

  40. Madeline

    Madeline2 maanden geleden

    please put eng sub on weki meki videos :(

  41. Madeline

    Madeline2 maanden geleden

    @Lol yayy!!!! 🥰

  42. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    There are English subs now :)

  43. Kitsune Sama

    Kitsune Sama2 maanden geleden

    Watching without subs because she's so cute. 😊 Some subs would be great though...

  44. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    @Kitsune Sama np 💕

  45. Kitsune Sama

    Kitsune Sama2 maanden geleden

    @Lol Thanks!

  46. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    There are English subs now :)

  47. 최다연

    최다연2 maanden geleden

    진짜 유튜브 채널 만들어줘ㅠㅠㅠ

  48. 최다연

    최다연2 maanden geleden

    세이 도연 너무 이쁘다😭💚

  49. Yoonie

    Yoonie2 maanden geleden

    Sei deja de ser tan hermosa que me da algo

  50. Yoonie

    Yoonie2 maanden geleden

    Sei te amo

  51. YUAN JIE

    YUAN JIE2 maanden geleden

    2019? It’s really been a long time

  52. 주단태

    주단태2 maanden geleden

    세이 먹방 짱이네요 ㅋㅋ🥰

  53. Karen sofia Quinto cuesta

    Karen sofia Quinto cuesta2 maanden geleden

    Es tan preciosa 😍😍💅💅💅

  54. rickusjamesus

    rickusjamesus2 maanden geleden

    I wish Sei did more content like this! I like seeing her

  55. Trisha Khaye Basilio

    Trisha Khaye Basilio2 maanden geleden

    11:13 Starting from this part, this shows how the girls are having fun and I really like it.✨

  56. Trisha Khaye Basilio

    Trisha Khaye Basilio2 maanden geleden

    Sei always look adorable~ She must be protected at all cost!🌱🖤

  57. alyssa

    alyssa2 maanden geleden

    minha menina 😿😿

  58. Coffee drinker

    Coffee drinker2 maanden geleden

    Seojeong is best of best, she's the definition of QUEEN 👑

  59. piyo

    piyo2 maanden geleden

    sei, you are the cutest human alive!!

  60. Jason F

    Jason F2 maanden geleden

    Her vlogs are so good. The arcade scenes cracked me up.😄

  61. 유지민

    유지민2 maanden geleden

    서정언니 귀여워 ㅠㅜ

  62. Bimbim1

    Bimbim12 maanden geleden

    Thank you for vlogging, Sei!!!! I’m so happy that you and the girls had a great time in Texas, and I’m glad that I was able to see you all perform in person, even though we were missing Yoojung. Please come back as soon, Texas Ki-lings will be waiting❤️

  63. I love Jaemin and Milk but they don’t get Along

    I love Jaemin and Milk but they don’t get Along2 maanden geleden

    I don’t understand but I love you maam

  64. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    There are English subs now :)

  65. Brescia Velásquez

    Brescia Velásquez2 maanden geleden

    SEI I LOVE YOU 😭😭😭💕💕💕

  66. Expressey

    Expressey2 maanden geleden

    Hey. I enjoyed the content so much! I have been trying to find for video that teaches everything in this NLpush vid. 👍 👏 That tip at 1:23 is useful. Your video actually is like the channel from Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan's videos are totally informative and he actually helped me on exams. I suggest you see his channel out and give the Dr a like! ➡️ #DrEthanEducation

  67. 4G Nuñez Agustin Dirce Manu

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  68. 4G Nuñez Agustin Dirce Manu

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    te amo mucho 🥺❤️

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    omg she's the best

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    Alejandra2 maanden geleden

    she is so cute🥺

  72. Coffee drinker

    Coffee drinker2 maanden geleden

    Ouri Sei effortlessly gorgeous effortlessly muchi cutie little pie effortlessly elegant I just can't stop watching all her vlogs

  73. smilyoojung

    smilyoojung2 maanden geleden

    "very very very delicious" cute 💕

  74. smilyoojung

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  75. Megan Tamayo

    Megan Tamayo2 maanden geleden

    You are so beautiful

  76. SAM _

    SAM _2 maanden geleden

    ❤❤❤beautiful vlog

  77. haerims hamster

    haerims hamster2 maanden geleden

    thank u for being our healing sei

  78. warning

    warning2 maanden geleden

    세상 귀엽네

  79. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    Comment here if you want to be notified when subs are on👇🏻

  80. Invictus

    Invictus2 maanden geleden

    Sei you know I love you...but Rina is my girl.

  81. momon chikito

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  82. 이성민

    이성민2 maanden geleden

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ마지막 엔딩 크래딧은 킹정이지!!

  83. Lee William

    Lee William2 maanden geleden

    진짜 넘넘 재밌구 귀엽구 예쁘구 완전 짱짱 우리 세이♡

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    까비2 maanden geleden

    이 시국 나의 힐링 영상...♡

  85. 주지태

    주지태2 maanden geleden

    하 종니기엽다 시작하자마자 베뤼베뤼베뤼하는데 나도 같이 베뤼베뤼베뤼 큐트라고함

  86. la naricita de hobi

    la naricita de hobi2 maanden geleden

    Lindas :3

  87. hellguk

    hellguk2 maanden geleden

    A Sei cabe aqui 🤲🏻

  88. hellguk

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    kellyyello2 maanden geleden

    thank you for the vlog sei!!!

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    Zeeshan Afzal2 maanden geleden

    Subs plis. 😭😭😭🖤

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    Becci Kinomoto2 maanden geleden

    Sei is so cuteeee! ♡♡

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    Hector Bell2 maanden geleden

    I love you so much queen Sei ❤❤

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    Lil Duder2 maanden geleden

    You guys were in the U.S, AND I DIDNT KNOW😠

  94. Easy Ki-ling

    Easy Ki-ling2 maanden geleden

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  95. eliza reyes

    eliza reyes2 maanden geleden

    Hello god bless you all I love yojr videos always giving everything in the videos of my beautiful colombia

  96. chni

    chni2 maanden geleden

    sei thank you for the vlog! it's so interesting

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    I found them about a year ago. But now they are become my ult girl group💓💓

  100. Coffee drinker

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    Same I found them 1 year ago & they're the first gg to STAN & she's my bias

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    네큰마음속세상을담아작은세상에널가두지마2 maanden geleden

    커엽 ㅋ

  106. GO24Seven

    GO24Seven2 maanden geleden

    Hopefully one day we'll get to see more Sei's Vlogs Overseas. 😔

  107. Torb Nymublous

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