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  1. bong bong drr go brrr

    bong bong drr go brrrDag geleden

    1:11 I feel like I'm listening to another song..

  2. ii Koii Fish ii

    ii Koii Fish ii4 dagen geleden

    POOR ELMO :(

  3. Ruth Sanz

    Ruth Sanz5 dagen geleden

    OLE OLE OLE LAS MÁS DIVAS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥


    VIVI FROM LOONA5 dagen geleden

    2:56 ugh, step on me

  5. Võ Thị Thanh Thảo

    Võ Thị Thanh Thảo15 dagen geleden

    I love you MEKI MEKI. So I hope you will comeback soon!

  6. 박봄

    박봄16 dagen geleden

    Do with Sailor Moon Characters Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars Sailor Jupiter Sailor Venus Sailor Saturn Sailor Pluto Sailor Neptune

  7. 개.

    개.18 dagen geleden

    루아? 숏컷? 지린다 춤도 가볍게 잘춘다 몸을 크게 잘쓰네 잘생쁨이다

  8. O E C

    O E C19 dagen geleden

    Simplemente iconico

  9. O E C

    O E C19 dagen geleden

    elmo tieso


    VIVI FROM LOONA20 dagen geleden

    Very synchronized dancing, good job girls

  11. 임수현

    임수현20 dagen geleden

    왜 사람들 이거 안보고 뭐하냐 정석인데 ㄹㅇ 치인다 실화냐? 대흉근이 웅장해진다

  12. Sugar Tax

    Sugar Tax21 dag geleden

    It took 10 seconds of this comeback for me to immediately stan these ladies. Never listened or watched anything and was honestly blown away. I hope they get the recognition they deserve.

  13. Lexine Jewel Alcazar

    Lexine Jewel Alcazar23 dagen geleden

    why is doyeon so tall I cant relate

  14. Ishani Singh

    Ishani Singh26 dagen geleden


  15. 찬우, 정인,지훈, 종호, 호시

    찬우, 정인,지훈, 종호, 호시28 dagen geleden

    weme choreography always look so COOL

  16. 예나최

    예나최Maand geleden

    와 처음부터 끝까지 어떻게 저렇게 잘 맞을 수 있는거지???? 나 왜 이 안무 이제안거야ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠ다들 춤 능력치가 미쳤다진짜.....ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

  17. Kim:Junmyeon, Jin, Jinhwan, Jisoo, Jungwoo, Junkyu

    Kim:Junmyeon, Jin, Jinhwan, Jisoo, Jungwoo, JunkyuMaand geleden

    Also girl with very short hair with white pants, black crop, who center at ending choreo.

  18. Rara Cantika

    Rara CantikaMaand geleden


  19. Kim:Junmyeon, Jin, Jinhwan, Jisoo, Jungwoo, Junkyu

    Kim:Junmyeon, Jin, Jinhwan, Jisoo, Jungwoo, JunkyuMaand geleden

    I need name of girl, who starting center of this choreo(orange hair). She looks so tiny and such good dancer(i see also rapper)

  20. Rara Cantika

    Rara CantikaMaand geleden


  21. LORAN . TV

    LORAN . TVMaand geleden

    me: is that blak pink or i think my frand: idk

  22. ANG3L SWAN

    ANG3L SWANMaand geleden

    Ellas son totalmente arte

  23. SW123 N

    SW123 NMaand geleden

    I hope they can go hip hop style in their music cause yoojung is talented in dancing hiphop and this is who they are

  24. O E C

    O E CMaand geleden

    Estoy enamorada del outfit de Lucy-

  25. profile

    profileMaand geleden

    where is elmo's hed

  26. Crowd Always on Us

    Crowd Always on UsMaand geleden

    Elmo fans 8/8/2017

  27. Melanie Almendarez

    Melanie AlmendarezMaand geleden

    Lua!!!! STAN weki meki for a better life

  28. Nicolo Osorio

    Nicolo OsorioMaand geleden

    You can't sleep on elmo's talent. Elmo sleeps on you instead. What a queen.

  29. lilian alicia

    lilian aliciaMaand geleden


  30. Gevlin

    GevlinMaand geleden

    today's lesson= stan weki meki.

  31. 정시아

    정시아Maand geleden

    오늘도 1일1쿨~♡

  32. 정시아

    정시아Maand geleden

    이곡 나왛을때 부터 지금껏 쿨며들어있어 쿨~!쿨~! 손톱킁킁

  33. Twicuu

    TwicuuMaand geleden

    The last number of the views on this video is your bias! 1- Yoojung 2- Rina 3- Sei 4- Suyeon 5- Lua 6- Lucy 7- Lua 8- Doyeon 9- Elmo 0 - Ot8

  34. Juliette Dawson

    Juliette Dawson2 maanden geleden

    not Elmo showing us his dump truck the whole time...

  35. Lonely Potato

    Lonely Potato2 maanden geleden

    Weki Meki: Let’s all wear black and/or white because those colors are for talented queens, and that’s what we are.

  36. leledotcom

    leledotcom2 maanden geleden

    i hope we can all agree this is elmos era

  37. Safira Khairunnisa

    Safira Khairunnisa2 maanden geleden

    go 600 rb view

  38. Paula

    Paula2 maanden geleden

    gente por deus pq vocês nao são famosas a qualidadeeeeeeee

  39. suzuki taku

    suzuki taku2 maanden geleden

    does anyone know who directed this choreography??

  40. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    Oh I didn’t know he also choreographed Grandeur that’s so cool

  41. suzuki taku

    suzuki taku2 maanden geleden

    @Lol Thanks a lot. I was thinking this choreography is really similar to "grandeur" by snowman. so, "grandeur" was directed by him.

  42. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    I’m pretty sure it’s Choi young-joon the choreographer from the pd 48 series

  43. •Lanette •

    •Lanette •2 maanden geleden

    I didn’t even notice the Elmo until I read the comments at the end of the video 😩😂

  44. 무명유튜버

    무명유튜버2 maanden geleden

    이 안무 춰보면 진짜 힘들고 숨차는데, 라이브까지 어떻하는지ㄷㄷ 진짜 대단하심!

  45. kookierika wiii

    kookierika wiii2 maanden geleden

    my eyes are glued at Lua she's so cool

  46. Ipek Atmaca

    Ipek Atmaca2 maanden geleden


  47. Alexa

    Alexa2 maanden geleden

    girls, do not give up, you are so talented and beautiful, you are queens

  48. Shaun Pierce

    Shaun Pierce2 maanden geleden

    I've only recently got into k-pop and these girls are my favourite group, their dancing is impeccable and it's also a fantastic song.

  49. Shaun Pierce

    Shaun Pierce2 maanden geleden

    @Lol purely by chance

  50. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    Can I ask How did you found out about them?

  51. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden

    I know they are so good they are also my favorite:)

  52. シュガーハニー

    シュガーハニー2 maanden geleden

    for new ki-lings: suyeon: white long sleeve, black pants, ash hair (leader) doyeon: white pants and sleeves, black tank top lua: white pants black stripe on the side, short hair yoojung: white blazer, black tank top underneath, white pants, red hair (the shortest bean) elly: all black, white shoes rina: all white, shoulder length hair lucy: white top, black pants, black converse shoes sei: white collar shirt, black wide pants, bangs elmo: red outfit, visuals STAN WEKI MEKI FOR CLEAR SKIN AND TO BE CURED FROM HETEROSEXUALITY

  53. シュガーハニー

    シュガーハニー2 maanden geleden

    @leledotcom im so sorry, i forgot about him:(

  54. leledotcom

    leledotcom2 maanden geleden

    how dare you leave out elmo, lets be fair to all the members please!!

  55. 촉촉한궁뎅이

    촉촉한궁뎅이2 maanden geleden

    0:54 루아 이파트 너무좋음 매력잇어 파트

  56. 유지민

    유지민2 maanden geleden

    윜밐 사랑해 ❤

  57. Hirai Momo

    Hirai Momo2 maanden geleden


  58. Lol

    Lol2 maanden geleden


  59. lliprisa

    lliprisa2 maanden geleden

    They’re just amazing i’m so in love with them

  60. be HAPPY

    be HAPPY2 maanden geleden

    I am really obsessed with this song, is really good 💞

  61. 주단태

    주단태2 maanden geleden

    우와 위키미키짱♡♡사랑해요

  62. 이크람

    이크람2 maanden geleden

    It's the synchronization for me ✨

  63. I Can Has KPop

    I Can Has KPop2 maanden geleden

    Nailed it, just like the queens they are! Fantastic!

  64. 신욱

    신욱2 maanden geleden

    누구 노래인지도 모르고 몇달을 좋다고 듣고다녔는데 이렇게보니까 어색하네;;

  65. WJSN Activist

    WJSN Activist2 maanden geleden

    Can someone please tell me who has the very short hair and which girl is Yoojung? 💗 I'm obsessed with this song

  66. くろばんKuro

    くろばんKuro2 maanden geleden

    the girl with short hair is Lua, and Yoojung is the main rapper @ 2:34

  67. kien vo

    kien vo2 maanden geleden


  68. andrea

    andrea3 maanden geleden


  69. jeonghan’s smile

    jeonghan’s smile3 maanden geleden

    i swear at this point elmo is weki meki’s 9th member

  70. NoContext Ch.

    NoContext Ch.3 maanden geleden

    I can't stress enough on how good this song is...

  71. 식e

    식e3 maanden geleden

    난 유정이가 정말 좋다.♥..♥

  72. るべんrobin

    るべんrobin3 maanden geleden

    dont get me wrong i LIVE for the walk....but i like the old dance break more.

  73. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Ofc I think almost everyone prefers it but it’s harder on stage with singing while dancing

  74. Imane

    Imane3 maanden geleden

    Wow these girls are impressive, I'm impressed. I didnt know them at all, tbh I found abt them after gugudan's d* , bc some knetz said that they would be next and a member replied to them. But DAMN they have charisma!! I really like everything about them, their songs, their choregraphies, their energy, they look nice and fun and each of them with a unique personality, that's a guess but idk I feel it. Usually when I like a group it's from the first sight, and that happened to me only twice until now. But I feel something about them that I really like, they have it all. That song is amazing btw ! so if you have songs recommendations for me, I will listen to them will pleasure!

  75. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    My favorite title tracks are picky picky crush and Oopsy And b- sides are - the paradise ,metronome , iron boy , whatever you want , moya moya and sweet dreams

  76. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Also glad you liked them sadly they are the last group that left debuting after pd101 so I hope they will get more attention to not end up like gugudan and pristin ;(

  77. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    I feel you I had the same feeling when I saw them first

  78. Ayunniaf

    Ayunniaf3 maanden geleden

    😭😭😭❤️ love you weki meki❤️

  79. Eljean Guzman

    Eljean Guzman3 maanden geleden

    FIGHTING Ki-Ling -aroha

  80. Whatever Art

    Whatever Art3 maanden geleden

    poor elmo

  81. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    It’s hard carrying all the kpop industry on your shoulders

  82. KPOP Superstar

    KPOP Superstar3 maanden geleden

    Fantagio is a hidden dance gem. It is not noticed but Weki Meki and Astro are freaking strong dance group and Ong Seongwu is called "King of Popping". Fantagio isn't just an actor company.

  83. Iris

    Iris3 maanden geleden

    Yo wassup i'm new here. Seeing people talk about elmo, i thought elmo is a member in weki meki. Turns out it's the red doll in the center. I'm seriously trying so hard not to laugh. Y'all are clowns 😂😂😂

  84. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    What do you mean doll?! You just jealous of his moves !!!

  85. Intan Putri Kirana

    Intan Putri Kirana3 maanden geleden

    a carat here! it's my first time watching weki meki's dance practice.... wow. just.. wow. these girls are synchronized. i'm so amazed!!!!!! they are pretty as well

  86. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    You should try watch more dance practices from them they have really good Choreography

  87. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Yeah there sync is really incredible glad you liked them :)

  88. Trey G

    Trey G3 maanden geleden

    This song should be in fashion shows

  89. Ifarmplasma

    Ifarmplasma3 maanden geleden

    *Here at 3 months ago, 530,490 views, 39k likes, 614k subscribers, and 1.4k comments as of Thursday, January 21st, 2021, 2:11 AM CST*

  90. りー카링

    りー카링3 maanden geleden


  91. Kar Muji

    Kar Muji3 maanden geleden

    Monkey dance dong😆😆😆👍👍👍🙏

  92. Lai

    Lai3 maanden geleden

    i cant with all the comments about elmo LMAAAAAOHAHGHSDJSHJKSSVHJSB

  93. findingtrøyler

    findingtrøyler3 maanden geleden

    why are they underrated?

  94. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Imo it’s mostly from lack of promotions and treatment

  95. Z Choco Memes

    Z Choco Memes3 maanden geleden

    넘멋있는그들~~~ They're too cool~~~

  96. Pink Lemonaze

    Pink Lemonaze3 maanden geleden


  97. Pink Lemonaze

    Pink Lemonaze3 maanden geleden

    Weki Meki rlly said "🧎🧎🧎🧎🧎🧎🧎🧎" with this one

  98. Adri Roha

    Adri Roha3 maanden geleden

    La coreografía es realmente genial 💜🌷

  99. Rocio O.

    Rocio O.3 maanden geleden

    The song is amazing and the choreography even more!!! Thanks and congrats to the choreographer and the girls bc they did it so good, like for real, I'm speechless 😍

  100. Byeol Ann

    Byeol Ann3 maanden geleden

    that 'AYAYAYA' really get me. i'm so addicted for that part

  101. L. G.

    L. G.3 maanden geleden

    Excelent job girls! This choreography is really COOL!!

  102. engene aroha moa stay

    engene aroha moa stay3 maanden geleden

    their dance practices just leave you in shock afterwards

  103. Terence Chong

    Terence Chong4 maanden geleden

    Seriously, QUEENDOM needs them. CLC,WEME,DC & fromis9 No other groups are more suitable than these to attend QUEENDOM.

  104. Paya Coco

    Paya Coco4 maanden geleden


  105. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Also idk about Elmo he was my bias at first but now he is kinda being lazy I get why knetz are going at him

  106. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Better late then never💅

  107. Kyomi Fujita

    Kyomi Fujita4 maanden geleden

    3:05 ok but the look Doyeon and Lua share

  108. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    The smileeee

  109. yyxy

    yyxy4 maanden geleden

    Elmo sólo meditaba 😞

  110. ullu J

    ullu J4 maanden geleden

    강남에 어느 한 식당에서 진짜 우연히 제 최애인 유정님이랑 루시님 마주쳤는데 진짜 실물 대박이였어요 ㅜㅜ 유정님 존예에 루시님 모델인줄...

  111. eunsook jung

    eunsook jung3 maanden geleden

    부럽네요 ㅜㅜ

  112. ovoxo

    ovoxo4 maanden geleden

    1:35에 팔 축 늘어뜨리는 각도랑 땡겨올라가는 모양까지 맞는게 젤 소름돋아

  113. bangtanxtra

    bangtanxtra4 maanden geleden

    Already one of my favorite group

  114. urban reveller

    urban reveller4 maanden geleden

    omg that dance is so amazing and a hard choreo ad the song is so addictive I loooove it

  115. Ranting Introvert

    Ranting Introvert4 maanden geleden

    Is Elmo in every weki meki dance video? 😂

  116. 이찌구

    이찌구4 maanden geleden

    머리카락 박자는 어떻게 맞추세요들....?

  117. Jinsu Natsume

    Jinsu Natsume4 maanden geleden

    amazing coreography!!!

  118. Twice Hardcore Once

    Twice Hardcore Once4 maanden geleden

    Weki Meki is so cool

  119. Terence Chong

    Terence Chong4 maanden geleden

    Their synchronization is really something. I would say so far the best until now.... comparing to other new kpop girl groups (starting from gen3)

  120. 00 0

    00 04 maanden geleden

    하 안무 노래 다 맛깔나게 잘 뽑음 진짜 눈물 나네 진짜 여덟명 다 잘 보임 파트 분배도 진짜 잘 함

  121. Sri Ensiwi Rahayu Ningsih

    Sri Ensiwi Rahayu Ningsih4 maanden geleden


  122. JaeYong’s NeoCult127

    JaeYong’s NeoCult1274 maanden geleden

    Honestly, if for their next comeback their company promoted them a bit more on music shows or other channels... they can do so much.

  123. William Thompson

    William Thompson4 maanden geleden

    Martin Luther King said injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. I think he was right. I am sad for all the countries that are going to be screwed over because of the voter fraud that Joe Biden has confessed to and his fraudulent election. The countries that are going to be screwed over include South Korea. I made this mashup in respect for the South Koreans. nlpush.info/net/video/gMjTsmxsi6aqrKs and Taiwan is most likely going be invaded by China. Biden is helpless to do anything in opposition to China. And we are to blame. We elected this fool.

  124. uhMai

    uhMai4 maanden geleden

    Sorry but y’all sleeping on Elmo 🥱

  125. 익명

    익명4 maanden geleden

    루시가 입은 바지 정보 아시는 분~